When somebody asks me, "what is the most important thing in Orthodontic treatment?" from my -year clinical experience, I would say to stabilize the position of the lower jaw and to establish healthy left and right temporomandibular joints (TMJ).The appearance of the face is greatly influenced by the position of the lower jaw, the position of the teeth, and the placement of chin, so it is important to decide the treatment method well before starting treatment. Focusing on the face and TMJ, and aligning the teeth accordingly, this is the orthodontic treatment that our clinic aims for.

Our Concept

  1. Look closely at the face.
  2. Check TMJ on the left and right sides of the lower jaw carefully.
  3. Check the stability of the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw based on the condition of the TMJ.
  4. By examining the condition of the TMJ using MRI, determine the period of growth of the lower jaw and check when to start orthodontic treatment.
  5. Make sure that the aligned teeth are in harmony with the face and with the TMJ on the left and right sides.